Introducing Barnaby’s Sunday Vlog…

Many bloggers are getting into the whole vlogging thing – that’s a video blog or video log for those not in the know – and as much as I’d love to join in I’m not confident enough for that at the moment.

However, there’s someone in our home who is more than happy to put himself in front of the camera for the cause – enter MasterB!!

So I decided, after much nagging from young sir, to let him have a piece of my blog that would be dedicated to vlogging and no doubt take over my YouTube channel.Β  Yes I do have a YouTube channel though have been unsure as yet what to do with it *MasterB giggles at this point*.Β  Hmmmmm!

Being a very tech-y kind of ten year old (what ten year old isn’t?) MasterB is looking forward to playing around and editing his vlogs – watch this space.

Here’s the idea… each Sunday he will be up-loading his vlog which will have a range of subjects (all ok’d obviously) and I’m hoping will give us all a glimmer into how a nearly 11 year old’s mind works (yes that’s me included).Β  It’s quite exciting really and I’m really looking forward to see what he comes up with each week.

So for now, here’s Barnaby’s very first vlog…

… this is all his own work (there’s no way I could have done any of that!!).

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